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You planetary ruler Mars makes a powerful connection with Pluto this afternoon, finding you making some deep transformations, especially professionally. Your planetary ruler Venus is busy today, so you are, too! The Moon is in fellow Air sign Libra today, lighting up a fun, flirtatious, and creative sector of your chart. Transformation is in the air. The Moon is in charming Air sign Libra today, bringing news your way.

Your planetary ruler the Sun is also busy, connecting with lucky planet Jupiter and helping you make some powerful moves at work. The Moon, in Libra, is lighting up the financial sector of your chart, finding you reflecting on cash and self-worth. Communing yourself clearly will help you make important moves forward in your life, Virgo!

The Moon is in your sign, helping you connect to your emotions. You will enjoy a stress-free life. There is an uneasy feeling, yes, but because they possibly treated you badly this person now owes you reparations. Jul 2 gives you an eclipse in your own sign, which throws the ball in your court and gives you the upper hand which has been a bit in short supply with all the planetary heavyweights being placed on your rivals and partners. It still feels like a reboot, but at least one where you get to flip the switch when it suits you.

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One thing to remember is that lucky Jupiter will make its grand entrance into your relationship house on Dec 3 so that is your silver lining when Saturn or the eclipses are putting you under pressure. Saturn is only preparing the earth for the growth that Jupiter is sure to bring your Cancer Horoscope Expect the blossoming of relationships and business partnerships ahead, but only if you invest your time in them now. In that case, whoo hoo, prepare to meet your significant other! Until Jupiter meets Saturn And indeed Pluto! Last year was a major transition period, where Saturn ascended out of the inner zone of your chart and out over the horizon.

If you have built a strong sense of self, then this debut will be strengthening and you will be confident enough to keepā€¦. Your Cancer Horoscope continues in eBook. Back in when Saturn was last transiting in Capricorn my mom, a Cancer rising like me, got married to my dad who she will be celebrating her 30th anniversary with on Dec 31st, Saturn is longevity and obviously Saturn transiting in her 7th house of marriage literally brought her marriage that has lasted 30 years now.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for: Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Looking ahead, Friday is an inward focused day. As the Moon squares Jupiter, take care of your own needs and wants first. Sex and sensuality are high on today's agenda, as Venus dons her slinkiest little black dress and saunters into sultry Scorpio.

If you're single and looking for love, expect a powerful attraction to someone - quite possibly someone who is not necessarily available or attainable. If you're already in love, this is a great day for cuddling up close with your lover. The water signs, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer, are in an especially romantic mood. Looking ahead, romantic or financial shocks on Saturday set pulses racing as Venus opposes Uranus. Keep a cool head to deal with an emerging crisis. Kindness is today's key word and all signs will benefit from finding ways to express their softer, cuddlier side.

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The Pisces Moon lights up our compassionate instincts - for the water signs, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer it's an absolute flood of compassion, in fact. Expect to feel easily moved to both tears and laughter; it's a day when feelings run very deep indeed. Looking ahead, Sunday's Aries Full Moon brings out the inner warrior in all of us. Recent battles you've fought will start to pay off. You are being redirected here from the daily horoscope at new. Daily Horoscope. October 7, October 8, October 9, Why hold on when you could be letting go?

Today will find you more outgoing and dynamic than you've been in a while.

In other words, you could get involved, meet people, and have as much fun as you can stand. Yes, adventure is out there waiting if you're ready to board that plane.

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See who else wants to play, unless you're flying solo. It might not be much of a party that way, but if your private life is rich enough, you won't need to socialize right now. Wayward wandering will just get you lost. So will charging blindly into the wilderness in anger or on a dare. You probably won't be able to see the forest for the trees today. Did you leave a trail of bread crumbs to mark your return? Maybe this is the time to start. You'll want to have the option of retracing your steps, especially if you still don't have a plan.

Whatever you do, don't resign yourself to the fate of being stuck in the middle of nowhere. That's not going to help anything. You want to know why and how. And while you might not get all your questions answered, your curiosity will bring a day of magical success. Because magic suggests some unknown element at work, right?

Don't peek behind too many curtains as you move like a mythical creature through your environment. And what would that creature be? An imp? A fairy? The best part of all is that it's somehow real. Maybe you get to define what reality is today. How often does that happen?

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Get some humor in your life ASAP. Crack a smile, bust a move, and start those happy emotions flowing. It could be a geyser, which would be OK with you. The more good stuff you have going on, the easier it'll be to ignore the bad stuff that's still following you around. Irritation will dog your steps today, begging for attention.

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Don't feed it a single scrap. Boredom will circle you like a vulture. Admire the pretty shadows it makes on the ground, but don't look up and don't stop moving. You can't let these things prey on you. Your thoughts will be far-reaching today, or maybe even beyond. Why set limits on what you can do?

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And while you're at it, why not hang with other cerebral types as you peer through this sudden window of opportunity? Trust them to bring all of their brainpower and as little ego as possible. Put your heads together and come up with some truly great ideas. Wait until later to haggle over the intellectual property rights.