Horoscope for today march 24

Virgo Aug. If this is the case, ask yourself if your expectations were realistic. Or more to the point — were they expressed? Unexpressed expectations almost always lead to disappointment. Libra Sept.

However, this is also a day where things are not quite as they seem. People will embroider the truth either by accident or intent. Scorpio Oct. You will also appreciate the artistic talents of others. Meanwhile, intimate relationships are so romantic! Oh yeah. Sagittarius Nov. This could relate to unrealistic expectations or just misinformation. Therefore, if you are having an important discussion — make an extra effort to clarify both sides of the conversation.

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Be smart. Capricorn Dec. The occult, astrology, metaphysics, existential questions, UFOs, paranormal events and what really is happening next door are just some possibilities. Aquarius Jan. For starters, you might be tempted to spend too much money on something luxurious and later, you will regret it.

Keep your receipts. Make sure that financial transactions are correct.


Double check everything. Pisces Feb. Oh yes, the entire gamut. If you know this ahead of time, you can be mindful and aware. For example, if you think something fishy is going on — it is! You are impulsive, and yet, you can be self-composed. You are well liked and a natural leader.

This is a party year! Enjoy a heightened popularity and warm friendships with others. Whatever they perceive as injustice will eventually find them and teach them what they need to learn in order to truly embrace responsibility they have for living their life.

They need serious emotional bonds to feel safe enough to be open. Although they seem warm and cuddly to those who know where to look, they won't easily create intimate contacts if they aren't sure that the person they have feelings for won't hurt them. They are much more sensitive than it might appear and need someone to slow them down enough to listen and care about their needs in just the right way. A person born on March 24th has high goals and strivings.


Daily Horoscopes: March 24, 12222

Their professional and every other ambition will pay off only if they listen to their emotions along the way. Relationships aren't their forte, but they can become very good leaders if they stay on a distance from those who work for them. All types of therapy will be an excellent option for people born at this time, for they have a talent for healing and helping those who share their emotional wound.

Pink, or Mangano, calcite is the right stone to aid the emotional state of people born on the 24th of March. It will allow them to transfer energy from their crown chakra into the heart chakra, and learn about the concept of Universal love and God in its purest, most personal form. It is a calming crystal that helps with emotional trauma, abuse, or death of someone close, and the greatest benefit it offers is in release of pressure and spasm when we hold on to things too firmly.

It pushes stale emotional energies to move and turns what is stagnant into something that flows, however slow. When choosing a gift for someone born on the 24th of March, we have to embrace their emotional nature first.

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They want something that will make them feel safe and this is why a powerful crystal might be one of your best options. Choose an amulet with depth and truly incredible meaning and steer clear from any superficial or common choices. A kit for careful planning might be a good option too, if you feel up to the task to teach them about ways to make a plan and consider all possible developments, so they can finish what was started.

Family oriented, deep, emotional and true believers, they are more flexible that some other Aries representatives, although often too proud to admit that their emotional side serves them best. Dark and depressed, under constant pressure and seeing too much injustice in the world, they can be too closed up to connect to another human being, while at the same time sad for being lonely.

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